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Same story - have been a customer for over 5 years and was recommending shipito to friends and family left and right. Then when I had a batch of packages costing over 1500 USD shipped over to the OR warehouse, as usually, the problems ensued.

Several packages were not entered for over a week until I raised *** and threatened them after a dozen of chat sessions with the support agents who do not seem to have any control over what is going on at the warehouses, nor a proper communication mechanism with their colleagues on the ground. Had to email back and forth to the so-called supervisor, who could not be any less helpful and was playing dumb. I was appalled by complete lack of professionalism, sense of customer service and responsibility on part of the company that was once SO great and reliable! It was such a nerve-wrecking experience, as the trust was completely gone by the time they finally shipped my package.

Then they did not take photos of the consolidation process, so I am not even sure they put everything into the box. Their system seems to be experiencing massive glitches...I could go on and on...I am deactivating my account and looking elsewhere for a mail forwarding service.

Review about: Shipito Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Paducah, Kentucky, United States #1274356

agree 2000%. I have called them out on fraud inside the Oregon warehouse committed by staff AND supervisor.

Immediately after I exposed their fradulent behavior, they decided to close my account, AND keep every package in my account for themselves. They would not allow me to get it, nor would they return it to merchant. They cite, since I am no longer a customer, thus they do not need to do anything. I called the police department in Tualatin OR, and they said the company did not break any law, and thus nothing they can do.

I have about $5000 worth of merchandise all stolen, and nothing can be done except if we get a class action suit going. I am just surprised to hear that warehouse taking all the packages is not fraud or stealing.

So essentially the warehouse can decide to shut your account down at any time and keep all your stuff to their own. The local police department said they have received calls regarding this same issue NUMEROUS times, as in, it is occurring VERY OFTEN.

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