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I would rather ship my items using a more expensive company than this one. The first shipment was not a bad experience, but nothing impressive either.

The second one had me fuming.

I have two names, a foreign name and an english name. When the name on the second shipment didnt match the account name, they wanted me to provide id. I had no id that had an english name, and they stubbornly refused shipment, even though the postal address is the same.

I am against fraud, but i am genuine and these people treat me like a crook. Their security measures are over the top by asking for super sensitive information. No other shipping company have security control this stringent. Even the name on the credit card needs to be the same so you cant borrow your friends.

I rang the company, being charged overseas rates, only to be connected to rude staff, i couldnt get hold of their manager and i was hung up on.

Go to their facebook page, and you will see photos of staff working as if its like a party. So very unprofessional.

I would recommend using the company comgateway for your shipping. They have low rates, their customer service is professional, its fast, and it has none of that verification rubbish.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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El Segundo, California, United States #1261572

I agree, Comgateway has fast, cheap, professional services.

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