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Hello, until recently, I was a happy Shipito customer. But Shipito has upset me big size, and I'm leaving for the competition. Let me tell you why, for your records.

I had bought two musket replicas from the 17th century from a company name "4G company", perfectly fit for export to my country. These are older than 1898 replicas and non functional.

The package was blocked by Shipito. First, Shipito explained that it was due to US regulations on Customs, the Department of Commerce and Itar. Thinking there was a confusion with actual arms, I replied.

Then Shipito said it was in fact due to internal company rules. What ? Are we nuts ? Company rules forbidding the export of 18th century replicas ? OK. After coming to a standstill with Shipito, I planned to send the rifles

to a friend in the US, who was moving from the US to Switzerland soon. No way ! The muskets could only be sent back to the seller ? What ? Why ? OK. I emailed to the seller, who told me he was sending such items to

Europe regularly, that there was no problem. So I have sent them back. An extra 80$ to send them to the seller and then to me.

So I have lost time and money with non cooperative Shipito personnel, for no good reason at all except *** company rules. Nobody lifted a finger to try and solve the matter in a good way. If there was a doubt about my package,

it was easy to suggest to open and check the package. Was it suggested ? No. Shipito forced me to send the package back to the seller. Why ? This is not correct.

Shipito acted like a blind and *** administration and not like a customer-oriented business.

Now I start to understand the comments I read about bad customer support fro Shipito on the users forums. And then my conclusion : bye bye and good luck.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

I didn't like: Uncooperative service.

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